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Why I Think EVERYONE Needs To Read This Book

Updated Thursday, February 16, 2017
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To follow up from last month's article on my 2017 Reading list, and some upcoming books that were sitting on my shelf waiting their turn, I wanted to share an incredible book that I truly feel EVERYONE needs to read.

Last month I told you that this book was next on my "to-read" list.  Here's a quick reminder of what I told you about it last time: 

The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution - by Aviva Romm, M.D.
The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution explains Dr. Romm's coined term Survival Overdrive Syndrome, and how it impacts our bodies and can lead to illness, and most importantly, offers a drug-free cure developed through Dr. Romm’s research and clinical work with tens of thousands of patients. In as little as two weeks, you can lose excess weight, discover increased energy, improve sleep, and feel better. With The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution, you can rescue your metabolism, hormones, mind and mood—and achieve long-lasting health.
On a personal note:  A big part of my journey this year and last year was focused towards healthy living and prioritizing "self-care" in this crazy busy life that we are all living.  I have been following Dr. Romm in her blogging, podcast and Facebook posts, and I think she is a shining light in the area of women's health.  I think as women we often put ourselves last, and the reality is a lot of us are running on empty and feeling the effects.  I will post an update once I've received the book (Ships on Jan. 31st) - but I have high expectations that it will be a game changer for a lot of people.  

Here's a little introduction to the author:  Dr. Aviva Romm, MD, is one of the leading authorities on the safe and effective use of natural medicines for women’s hormonal imbalances, adrenal imbalances and autoimmune conditions, including Hashimoto’s. Her new book, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution, takes the guesswork out of finding solutions you’ve been looking for by giving you a reliable 28-day blueprint for assessing and achievably reversing the most common root causes affecting women’s health and wellness today. She shows you how to maximize the innate healing power of your body, and restore your adrenal and thyroid system as she’s done with thousands of women. If you want to take back your health, check out this book. It’s a game changer. 

UPDATE:  I finished this book last week and I have to say it was a real wake up call and will be a glimmer of hope for so many out there.   The book is primarily written for women, but men can still get a lot of good information out of it.  It talks about all the conditions in the blurb above, but the bottom line is that IT IS ALL CONNECTED!  Our stress response, the food we eat, the nutrients we are lacking or not absorbing, the hours we work and the drive to do more, be more, accomplish all has an effect on our health.  Even if you don't see it now, it is taking it's toll.   In today's society, where we are all so busy all of the time, we are grabbing a quick take out dinner, or something in a box....and we are denying our bodies of what they so desperately need.   We are not sleeping well, and not taking any time to let our body heal itself.  I listened to a podcast that Aviva did a few days ago, and she said (I'm paraphrasing), that it is not our fault....our bodies have not betrayed us.  They are doing exactly what they were designed to do, but due to some of the root causes, they may not be getting the support they need.  

Her book introduces us to the 5 root causes of problems that are contributing to exhaustion, inflammation, brain fog, weight gain etc.   The 5 root causes are:  Chronic Stress, Food Triggers, Gut Imbalances, Toxic Overload and Immune Disruption & Stealth Infections.  Stress you say? know that feeling that you can't ever slow down, you just constantly feel "on".  I know this feeling well, and it is always a work in progress.  I, and I know many others, just have a hard time truly relaxing.  This always 'wired' state is a constant stress on our body.  I won't get into all the medical stuff here, as I am not in any way an expert, but I know the words this amazing woman has written really resonated with me and I know they will for so many others as well.

The second half of the book walks us through her "SOS Solution" - a 4 week program to help address these root causes.  There are 5 steps to this:  Reboot - remove food triggers; Reframe - chronic emotional and mental stress; Repair - root causes & SOS damage; Recharge - your adrenals and thyroid; Replenish - no more running on empty.

I picked up the book last night to start reading it again - and to start designing what my new lifestyle will be to start taking care of some of these things.  Don't get me wrong....I am not 'sick', but I feel that if we don't start addressing some of these issues now, we will certainly be paying for it later.  

I feel so strongly about this book that I wish I had bought a few more of them to loan out to people I care about.  I think this is something we all need to sit up and pay attention to.  If you aren't sure you want to buy it, or don't know who this Aviva Romm person is, I would suggest either starting with her podcast or head over to her blog and read some of the articles she has posted there.  Her website is such a wealth of information.

(Just for the record....I am in no way getting any kind of kickback etc for promoting Aviva or her book.  I just really feel so strongly about it and the message she is trying to get out, that I want to shout it from the mountain tops.)

I would love to hear if you've read this book, or if you plan to.  What are your thoughts & struggles?   Email me here, or  leave me a comment below!





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