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Lori Schuett
Professional Design Consultant
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I'm thinking of re-doing my kitchen counters, but there are so many different materials out there for countertops that I don't even know where to begin. Can you give me any advice?

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You are right !! There is such a variety that it can be an overwhelming process.  Here are a few options to think about.  Granite is a natural surface and is beautiful on its own.  I does need to be sealed at least once a year depending on the amount of usage it is getting.  Quartz is a manufactured product it may be a little easier to maintain as you do not have to seal it.  Both these products are in the upper level of pricing.  Corian, a solid surface material that Dupont created can be made virtually into any configuration you choose.  Nicks and scratches can be buffed out of this product.  Butcher block is also a nice option.  You don't need a cutting board and you can sand out any cuts or marks , but you need to seal it regularly with mineral oil .  Stainless is another option it is easy to maintain with scratches being buffed out as well as it  doesn't hold bacteria.  Last but not least is laminate  this is one that seems to be used quite regularly.  With this option there are  so many  colour options to choose from and is a good choice if you are planning to do a total kitchen renovation in the next five years.

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