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Lori Schuett
Professional Design Consultant
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I want to redo my bathroom this winter. How do I budget for this renovation?

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Bathrooms and Kitchens are where we tend to spend the most dollars in any renovation. First thing to keep in mind is Budget. I tell my clients to think of an amount double it and add 20% if you don’t faint then proceed.
Some tips to make your renovation go smoothly are as follows. 
·         Get quotes. It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion just make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
·         Know what you want to do and don’t make changes. By making changes you can easily exceed the amount you want to spend
·         Pick good quality fixtures. You want them to last.
·          If you are choosing tile. Pick a reasonably priced design and ask questions like is this tile going to cost more than usually to install. The more detailed, the more time and money will be spent 
·         If you want to splurge in one area invest in heating the floor. This helps keep the room dry and gives a wonder feel when you first get up in the morning…well worth the investment.
By having a good handle on your budget your renovation should go smoothly. Enjoy and happy decorating.
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